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Building A Lifestyle – Part II

Building A Lifestyle – Part I discussed the inner aspects of building a killer lifestyle. This part is about the outer aspects that go with any lifestyle.

The outer aspects are the things that people can see and observe, where as the inner aspects are more about your beliefs and attitudes that will come across when you speak to girls. The outer aspects are just as important though and are as equally unique and personal to you as your attitudes and beliefs.

Because your lifestyle is personal to you, the list below is not exhaustive, but is an idea of the things you can think about to begin building an awesome lifestyle you can be proud of and that girls will want to be a part of.

Lifestyle – The Outer Aspects

Get fit – play sport or go to the gym

There are numerous benefits to playing a sport or hitting the gym. It will get you in shape and looking better, you’ll have much more energy and it will increase your testosterone and sexual drive (great for getting things done and to really add a different dynamic to your interactions with girls!) and improve your overall fitness.. Health is also one of the attraction switches for women so it’s important to take care of this. To add to the gym, it’d be a good idea to take a look at what you eat and make sure you’re getting plenty of the right foods to ensure optimal health and to get maximum benefit from your gym work. If you’re not hitting the gym, eating healthy still has many of the benefits listed above so it’s definitely worth taking care of.

Get your look and fashion sorted

This is an often-overlooked area for guys but is a very important area. Girls will make assumptions on you based on your first impression, made up of your; fashion, body language, how you hold yourself, and other such subcommunications. This impression will often be assessed within the first minute at the most of meeting you. Guys who are not taking care of these small details are missing out on bonus points and also missing out on the chance to portray themselves in the way that they want.

Are you dressed in the way you would like? Does your fashion meet your personality? If your look could do with some improvement then take the time to get this sorted. There are many resources to get your look sorted out. One of the best ways to begin is to take a look at celebrities who are dressed in a style that you like and work out what the different components to their look are. How are they putting their outfits together? Celebrities are not the only resource to use when looking for a good style though.

Anytime you see a guy really well dressed, whether in magazines, mannequins in shop windows or just a guy on the street, pay attention to what it is about their look that makes it work and have a go at mimicking this yourself. If it works for you too, then keep it, if not then try other things until you find a style that works for you too.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out different styles and see how they look on you. You may be surprised to find something that you never thought you’d wear actually ends up looking really good on you. Try out different styles and slowly build up, piece by piece, an overall style unique to you.

Get new hobbies

You may already have plenty of hobbies and thing going on in your life, but it’s always worth trying new things as you could well find something that you love but never expected you would. You don’t need to have amazing hobbies here (like sky diving, or things like that), but as long as you have things that you’re passionate about and enjoy doing, then when you speak about these to girls, you’ll be able to portray your passion about that particular hobby.

Becoming a ‘yes man’ and trying a bunch of new things is something I’d really recommend. When I was getting my life together, I tried all sorts of new things, some of them I didn’t really keep going with, but some became new hobbies that I loved doing. There’s a whole range of things here that you can do and you should really take a ‘try anything once’ attitude to the range of activities out there. From yoga and dancing to extreme sports, have a go at anything and see if you find new things to add to your lifestyle.

Be congruent with yourself

It’s very important to remember, while you build your new lifestyle, to keep everything congruent to your true self. While you want to be expanding your horizons and adding new experiences, you also want to remain congruent to yourself. If you’re doing something because you feel you need to in order to have a ‘cool’ lifestyle or to impress people, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Instead, whatever you do in your life must always be because you genuinely enjoy the activity. Never force change on yourself that isn’t truly what you enjoy otherwise this will come across as incongruent and won’t help you in attracting girls.


Ultimately, building a lifestyle is something you’re doing for yourself. Take the time to figure out exactly what kind of lifestyle you want to lead and go after it. That passion and drive you have when really going after your ambitions will be what others find attractive and magnetic. You’ll soon find that others want to be a part of your life when you have together a lifestyle that makes you happy and that you’re really passionate about.

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