Phone Consultations With Love Systems Instructor Vox

A phone consultations is a great way to get expert dating and seduction advice directly from a Love Systems instructor, personalised with just you and the instructor.

Do you have a sticking point that you can’t seem to overcome? Frustrated by your lack of success or want some insights and advice ahead of a big night out or a date? Then consider taking a phone consultation for a personal ised call with me.

Phone consultations last a minimum of 30 minutes, but can be more and are a great way to get personal top quality advice. Each call is just you and me on the phone so we can really go deep into your sticking points and figure out what’s holding you back.

  • Approaching and transitioning
  • Attraction
  • Qualification
  • Seduction
  • Daygame
  • Lifestyle
  • and much more…

We’ll talk through your sticking points and I will give you the advice and tips you need to smash through these walls in your game and move you onto the next level. If you’re really wanting top quality results, phone consultations can be booked in bulk (for a discount) and you can get ongoing support from me throughout your development.

If you’d like to book a phone consultation with me and break through your sticking points, please contact Jeremy at the Love Systems office and he’ll sort everything out for you – jeremy – at – lovesystems – dot – com (323.836.0150).

Looking forward to speaking and working with you soon!


Read feedback from students who have already taken phone consultations:

“Thank you! I was so wrapped up in all of the phases of the Emotional Progression Model from Magic Bullets that I totally forgot about what was going on physically, touching, etc.  You gave me some great tricks and techniques.  Now my game is better than ever. I’ll be back for another consultation next to keep moving forward…”

“I signed up for a phone consultation the night I was going to this party where I was pretty sure this smoking girl from my program was going to be… I had a Love Systems instructor on retainer, and slipped out a couple of times to call him and get instant advice. By the end of the night, I had a makeout and a phone number and my friends were totally amazed. I’ll tell them about my “secret weapon” one day, but not yet – they’re still my competition!”

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