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Overcoming Anxiety – How to Change Your Life Right Now

Do you go through life feeling like a byproduct of other people’s decisions? Or maybe you feel you have no control over anything, and everything is governed by outside influences. This is a common symptom among many men who struggle with their love life. Left unchecked, it can grow like a cancer and afflict other parts of their lives as well. Here’s how to fix it:

Most of us know at least one person who always seems to “have it together.” These are the people who take charge of their own life, and somehow never attract the same negative circumstances that many of us struggle with.

It’s not luck.

The truth is, anyone can change themselves to be in the same situation. We are more than the sum of our circumstances. Countless people have managed to fight their way through poverty, physical disabilities, and yes: shyness and the inability to interact with women.

Anyone can become a man who acts for himself, and on his own desires. This particular breed of men realize that everything comes down to choice:

1. They make a choice to ignore the irrational, made-up excuses that prevent them from approaching women

Many men, when faced with the decision to talk to beautiful women, won’t man up. The ones who do understand the simple truth that everything is a choice.

You approaching, or not approaching, that attractive woman is a choice you make. And the choice you make most often will become habitual. If you’ve made a habit of shying away from women, here’s how to change that:

What stops you approaching is the slew of excuses your mind has made up (most of us have a subconscious need to avoid rejection at any cost.) We often tell ourselves that the woman in question looks busy, she looks attached, she wants to be alone, etc.

These are all baseless, but they can have a strong impact.

A good exercise is to write down all of these excuses that you, and read them back after a day or a night out. You’ll be surprised at how outlandish they get. The next time you invent a reason for not approaching a woman, you’ll see it for what it is: a ridiculous excuse.

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2. They are willing to accept the discomfort that comes from personal growth

When you experience anxiety, or you feel like you’re fumbling with something new, that’s often a sign that you’re learning. There is something you want to achieve or experience that is new to you, and it pushes you outside of your comfort zone; that’s why you’re anxious.

But discomfort won’t kill you. Discomfort cannot physically restrain you (even if it feels like it could) It can only stop you if you choose to surrender to it.

If you can understand anxiety as a new experience that you haven’t gotten comfortable with – and that’s all it is – you can overcome it. You can learn to accept it for what it is…a natural byproduct of comfort zone expansion. And then choose to take the right action anyway.

You are in complete and full control of your own life. No one makes decisions for you, or forces to you to act on your desires, sexual or not.
Your task then, once you understand where this anxiety comes from is simple.

You need to go out there and create the world and life that you want for yourself. Start choosing the action that will lead you to where you want to be.

Start taking control of your anxieties, owning them, and choosing to act in spite of them. You will become a whole new you.

With time, you will become the person who no longer lets outside circumstances control you. Instead, you be the man who can see what he wants and goes for it. The man who sees the beautiful woman of his dreams walk by, and makes the CHOICE to go and talk to her.

Make that choice now. Take action and change your life. And for some real life demonstrations, check out some of our workshops.



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