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Why Fashion Is Important In Attracting Women

Often, fashion is an overlooked area by most guys. When we start learning game, we’re very focused on learning the techniques that we forget to focus on the other areas, all of which make up our overall impression to women.

The skills we teach at Love Systems are indeed a great equalizer and they allow you to overcome natural disadvantages and be able to attract beautiful women into your life.
However, the process of game is all about self-improvement and we should be striving to improve all areas of our lives, be it game, fitness, fashion, business, etc.

While the skills we teach will allow you to get great results with women, the truth is that to a degree, your fashion and appearance still count. It’s not that they’re a deal breaker, but they can earn your extra points before you approach, or on the other side of the scale, mean you have to do a little more work.

Take for example a guy who is not so attractive, isn’t particularly tall, perhaps not too in shape, doesn’t dress well, doesn’t look after his appearance generally. This guy when he goes up to speak to women will need to put in more work to get the girls into him.
On the other hand, if a good looking guy, who’s tall, is in great shape and has a really good look put together goes up and talks to girls, he’s at an advantage and won’t have to do as much work. Girls will already have some attraction there based on the way the guy looks.

Therefore, looking after your fashion and appearance is just as important. When we learn game, we’re essentially learning how to better ourselves and to show the best side of us possible to women and this should certainly include your appearance. A lot of guys though, seem to focus less on appearance, or just aren’t sure what good fashion is and how to go about constructing a look that suits them and their personalities.

Luckily for us, women don’t view looks in men the same way as we do with women. As guys, we’re programmed to respond to physical features such as breasts, ass, nice hips a hot body, etc. Women on the other hand, don’t respond to men in the same way when it comes to looks. While a good looking guy will earn some extra points than an average or ugly looking guy, for women, an attractive man is also made up of things like fashion, appearance, body language, subcommunications, confidence, etc. This is great news for us guys because it means we can work on our appearance and become more attractive looking by changing what we wear and how we present ourselves.

Women will make a snapshot judgment about you based on your first impression when you go up and talk to her. This snapshot judgment is made up of things like your body language and subcommunications, your voice tonality, how you approach and your appearance. This is called ‘thin slicing’ and is from the book ‘Blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell (a great read by the way). Thin slicing is essentially making those snapshot decisions about people, and they all happen in a split second subconciously. Why do we do this? Some of the reasons we do this is a) for protection and b) to make sure we’re talking to people of value.

Take the below example to demonstrate how thin slicing works:

Lets say you’re walking down a dark alley and an old woman walks towards you. Chances are you’re not going to be scared. What if a businessman in a suit and briefcase walked down the alley? Chances are this wouldn’t bother you too much either. However, what if a guy in jeans, trainers and a hooded top with the hood up walked down the alley. Chance are you’ll immediately feel a little on edge and unsure about that person.

This is thin slicing at work. You’re brain is making a snapshot decision on these people based on their appearance, how they’re acting, their body language and it is comparing that to all the other instances and experiences of seeing these kind of people in the past and coming up with a judgment that will best serve you. The old woman and businessman are likely harmless. The hooded guy however, could be a threat so you need to identify this and be ready to act accordingly.

In a club, women aren’t scanning you as a potential threat but judging what kind of guy you are. To do this, she’ll take all the information in that she has about you and make a split second subconscious snapshot decision. Her brain will go through all the times where she’s met a guy with your appearance/body language/etc in the past and she’ll use that as the basis for her judgment on you.

So how does this relate to fashion? Let’s say you dress in some pretty average clothes and don’t put much effort into your style so you end up looking pretty normal and don’t stand out. When you go up and approach a woman, from a fashion perspective, she’ll judge you based on what she knows about guys who dress like you do. If all the other guys she’s ever met who dress like that have been weird, or typically ‘nice guys’ etc. then she’ll assume the same about you. If you’re dressed in some good quality clothes and have put everything together well in a style that suits you and you look the business, when you go up to her she’ll reference all the guys she’s met that have that kind of appearance and assume the same about you. Basically it comes down to; dress like an average guy and she’ll assume you are. Dress like a high value attractive guy, and she’ll see you as one.

Not only is it important to have good fashion to benefit from a good thin slice, but it also says a lot about you too. If you’re not taking care of yourself, your appearance and the clothes you wear, then she could perceive you as the kind of guy who doesn’t put a lot of effort into other areas of his life. She’ll see you as the guy who doesn’t look after the fine details and perhaps couldn’t really look after her either.

Taking care of your appearance and looking after the small details shows her that you’re a guy who gets it. If you take care of yourself then you’re a higher value guy and you’re more likely to be able to take care of her. If she see’s that you get it and look after yourself and the finer details, she’ll also assume you notice the finer details in other areas of your life, including sexually too.

The takeaway is this: If you take care of your appearance, dress well and come across confidently, then you are basically picking up free points before you even go up and talk to her.

All these reasons combined are why fashion should not be an area that you overlook. Take pride in your appearance, look after yourself and make sure you’re always presenting the best version of yourself possible. If you’re unsure how to do this, don’t worry. I’ll have a bunch of articles coming out soon that talk through fashion and appearance and how to go about creating a look that suits you.

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